November 5

popular food in my country

Hi, the student blogging challenge this week was food, and I chose to write about popular food in our country. I live the U.S.A, and here we like to eat pizza, corn dogs, and cheese burgers. all of these are VERY fatty foods, so america is not in the best shape. But they are delicious! Pizza is very cheesey, and corn dogs have this delicious outer layer and a meaty inside, and cheese burgers have lots of cheese, meat, and you can add lots of toppings, so, America has some very delicious foods!

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2 thoughts on “popular food in my country

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Jake,
    I noticed when travelling around America that the three foods you mentioned were always on the menu.

    Here in Australia, fast food giants like Subway and McDonalds allow you to make choices of what you put on your burgers and in your rolls. So if you want really healthy food you can make them that way.


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